This is a collection of material gleaned from submissions, blogs and various journals over a period of decades. Just like the erotica selection – these are both imagined and channeled – no one can say when a story will show up and no one can make one show up if it’s not ready.

One of my favorite methods of sparking inspiration is to have a friend send an image – usually of a person – and I will fire up my imagination and ask the muse for some participation. Usually that results in some ideas forming – and the beginning of a brand new world.

Enjoy these – and thank you so much for reading my work. I am humbled and grateful.

Short Stories

  • IMG_7030

    A Boy, a Bird

          On a perfect summer mid-afternoon, sunshine glinting through a canopy of leaves – still, humid air, deep greens and tall white birch, with the scent of silver brush, blue wildflowers and cool dirt, he descends the gully path behind his home with his birthday present – an air rifle and a pocket […]

  • Biwire

    A Simple Mistake

            William Anderson is at the foot of the stairs, commanding the air in the den. The wife is standing almost at attention. His boy is by the stereo console, rapt. There is an air of secrecy – necromancy much beyond the capability of anyone contracted to install stereo speakers – bi-amping […]

  • DonaldDeck

    Birthday Party

            He has chosen clean jeans, a pressed khaki shirt, and a sport coat. On his way out he grabs the package, notices there is already a rip in the wrapping and stops at the kitchen to repair it with another piece of tape. Completely baffled by the expectations of a five year […]

  • dogvomitslimemold

    Caca de Luna

      It’s been raining for a month – the eaves, the trees on the boulevard, the forest behind the house, the telephone poles and wires – the entire world is dripping. Even here on the leeward coast it’s been a month of relentless thick, wet air. Windward? Don’t even think about it. Breakfast is late […]

  • table for two grey


          Is everything we see within us? Can we by some inspired magic present this outward; insinuate our wishes onto canvas? For example, the man and woman sitting at a center table in this restaurant. He draws attention. He has thick, black hair swept back behind his ears from a widow’s peak. His […]

  • housewife

    Dinner Service with One Maid

            Cecil Harder is not a presentable man. At first glance you will notice ear hair, a comb-over – a neglected sense of right or wrong as concerns the world of fashion. He also sports a certain odor, undefinable, not overpowering, yet unpleasant and immediately noticeable. His demeanor is a wall of sorts […]

  • drylightening

    Dry Lightning

            For a couple of days in early summer – just before they drop their seed, the prairie grass will celebrate by putting on a purple coat to sway in the breeze – and you’ll be reminded to return near sunset, the golden hour, when the air will be cool and the […]

  • hand


        John Jeffrey Allison is on his back in a field. He is looking up through tall alfalfa and pondering the play of a kaleidoscope of butterflies dancing in still air over his chest. They have been there since he opened his eyes five minutes ago. The sweet scent of the field reminds him […]

  • Pig-Farm

    Good pig

          Dust and gravel, gravel and dust. Hot, dry air and nothing else. The road ahead is arrow-straight and tires rumble on the dirt surface. In the rear-view mirror a huge rooster-tail rises and hangs behind his car, a beacon of progress visible for miles for a solitary traveler on a forsaken back-road. […]

  • reconciliation

    Is this how reconciliation happens?

          It’s difficult to know how to present this. I have a wealth of past thoughts and a lot of typing accumulated over months —even years. I’ll just start and see what comes out. In chronological order, this is how these thoughts have come to be at the forefront of my mind. This […]

  • Pouring-Concrete


                      The basketball isn’t ours. It wasn’t on our property until four this afternoon. Maybe a bit earlier. That’s when we both noticed it. We were parking the car on our return from a day out with the kids. It’s against the house now, but it started it’s journey across our yard […]

  • IMG_4285


          Over by the entrance, with his back to me. I’m sure that’s him. The glasses, the gray, thinning hair. His posture, I remember the look of him. Oh, Christ. Even in the middle of the day, at the oddest time, some piece of regret will climb into his awareness and cause sweat […]

  • photo 15

    Mary’s Garden

            He’s missing a garage door opener. He recalls only the idea to remove it from the van in order to prevent a break-in. The neighbors have reported a number of incidents of thieves rifling through vehicles and taking the remotes in order to gain access to garages in the middle of […]

  • 2017-05-25 19.38.41

    Small world

        Six dollars for a tiny brick of cheese. Six Goddamned dollars. Convenience. It’s a convenience store. Over four gets a two litre container of milk. He bristles at this reality daily, and then daily on his way home from work gives up money in aid of expedience. Exiting through the back of the […]

  • SamsonKambalu


            There is an entity – a piece of artistry – a benevolent ghost that exists in order to heal the scars of solitude marked onto the souls of the creative in spirit – this goddess is the ghost of a woman, an artist driven by terrors – a gentle woman who […]

  • IMG-5950


      Trigger warning. Dark. Normally I wouldn’t preface a piece with any comments, but this has severely disturbing content. Particularly the final paragraphs. However, those are invention – imagination, nothing of them comes from real-world experience.        There is a physicist – a man who dabbles at the edges of universal power. The […]

  • Heritage Park

    The Fair

          Jamie sits on a bench in front of the candy store, boots on the thick wood slats that make up the sidewalk, sucking a licorice-root confection, and realizes he is in love. There are green shingles siding the law office, a green that recalls the quality of foliage on fir trees but […]

  • photo 3

    The Sound it Makes

            She found it under the floorboards in a barn 35 years ago. She was a sprite on a summer day in the fields behind a house at the edge of the town, sneaking about the building’s perimeter, looking in through cracks in the raw plank walls, and exploring into the danger […]

  • maggie-siner-single-unmade-bed-2011

    Two beds

      Bed number one. I have been distracted since the split up of my marriage. There’s been a lot of time wasted thinking about the possibility of a relationship with a woman. Any kind of relationship. Preferably physical and close – that’s been on my mind. But it’s been a long time. This situation is […]

  • morning


          You left at eleven o’clock Saturday night. By eleven twenty I’d shaved off my beard and trimmed my mustache back to almost nothing. I remember being shocked at the result. I sent email at four the next morning, waiting for a cab to the airport…  “…my god I look goofy.” Now, I’m […]

Short Stories


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