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‘Life contains infinite possibilities. Each instant contains infinite possibilities. Each isolated moment a random piece of time sampled from everything at once in possibility. Poetry selects a thread, and the rest is waste.’

This is raw thought. This is how it comes out of the pipe. It’s not edited for form or for consideration of audience; it is imagination, invention, and jotting of thought. These are samples from the sources I go to when I need to build a character or the condition of the sky on some imagined day.

Some of it is seriously personal – it should be – it should be embarrassing, alarming, childish, politically incorrect and defeating. Some of it is beautiful, and in one spot as I recall I take the piss out of Charles Bukowski and those who post memes made of his ramblings. Nothing personal. 

Award(s) ...look at me - i'm so goddamned cute...

I hold the privilege of being an award-winning un-published author;

…our committee had the pleasure of reading many submissions and the excerpt from your novel in progress, titled “Gift of Mercy,” stood out among those entries.