I’m Doug McCormick and I enjoy writing. I was born and raised in Calgary, where I now reside. Work and adventure have afforded variety in my life – visits to and residences in diverse locations, from locales in Canada (Kelowna, Ottawa, Edmonton, Fort Smith, N.W.T., Rea Point N.W.T.) and around the world (Amsterdam, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belize).

I am grateful and honored to have won first place for the 2015 Brenda Strathern Late Bloomers writing award.

I’m currently working on:IMG_4769

  • a novel – and fortunate to have had Gail Anderson-Dargatz as a mentor – a fine author (The Spawning Grounds, The Cure for Death by Lightning, A Recipe for Bees, among many others)
  • short stories
  • an accumulation of poetry/journal/weblog pieces – filtered into those categories as days go by at the keyboard and word-counts accumulate.
  • included here is a non-fiction piece – a thoughtful examination of media and the ghost in the machine.

My interests are diverse – music (mostly listening at this point), reading (of course) and my children.

This site is an introduction to you – and an open invitation to read or comment on my work. All of the short stories are included as they came out – with very little editing. They appear and disappear as they are submitted to competition – successful submissions disappear forever and the rest are here waiting on revision – to be submitted again when something encouraging happens. I have included readings to accompany many of them – I do voice-over work as a sideline and this seems a reasonable marriage. As well it’s a great way to hold a mirror up to a work, to hear it out loud.

Send a note – use the contact page… (it’s designed so that you can submit anonymously if you wish).

best regards,